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News after news, updates after updates, trends after trends. Our scope of operation might be limited compared to the giants of the media world but many times we need as many healing hands we can get. And this is where you come in.

Write for the Journal Today

It’s hard to keep up with all the developments and topics coming one after another and that is why we urge skilled writers or content creators to contribute to the Journal and to the community it serves today.

We welcome different topics or fields to write about and all we ask is to keep it accurate and professional. There is no room for plagiarism and we want people to know the truth no matter how harsh it can be.

We publish both in print and online. If you want to write for our magazines, social media accounts or blog, let us know and we will make the proper arrangement to get you started.

More and more aspiring contributors get in touch with us with their own ideas already in mind and we want to share those ideas with everyone.

In order to start writing for us, all we ask are some sample works from aspiring contributors and we will assess the quality of the content to determine if you have what it takes to write for the South Jersey Journal audience – not for us but for our audience.

You can send us a message if you are interested via darius@southjerseyjournal.com or visit our contact page for more ways to connect with us. We are excited to write to you and together, will keep the people informed.

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