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Republicans Willing to Dance with the Devil to Win the White House

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) is anticipating a Trump win in November. Or, at least, he is preparing for it.

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Why changing building names and covering murals is not enough

The University of Kentucky at Lexington (the flagship college), has shrouded an indoor mural that features paintings of enslaved African Americans bending to pick tobacco (or possibly cotton) while a train full of White folks seems to appear on their backs. There are other offensive images in the painting, but in many ways the painting reflects a Kentucky reality. Yes, there was oppression. The artist captured a reality that others might not find popular. University President Eli Capilouto agreed to cover the mural so that the campus has an opportunity to discuss it.

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We need to stop calling the cops on our students

Richland County Senior Deputy Sheriff Ben Fields seemed to think the only way he could get a young black girl out of her seat was to fling her across the room. His brutal attack on her was filmed by one of her classmates, and it’s a good thing he documented the incident.

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Another Government Shutdown?

Congress must approve a budget by October 1, or our government will shut down.

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Can Hillary Survive Email Controversy?

If you had asked me just a year ago if former Secretary of State and Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton would be the Democratic nominee for president of the United States I’d have replied “no question.” I expected a near-coronation on the Democratic side, and a little rough-and-tumble on the Republican side.

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Rewriting Confederate History

On their Website, the Sons of Confederate Veterans describe themselves as preserving the “history and legacy” of the Confederacy. Their organization, they say, is “dedicated to ensuring that “a true history of the 1861-1865 period is preserved.” I would suggest, instead, that the Sons of Confederate Veterans is guilty of rewriting history instead of preserving it.

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‘Stupid’ Infrastructure Neglect

When Amtrak Northeast Regional Train #188 derailed on May 12, federal budget observers wondered if the underfunding of our nation’s fraying infrastructure was at least partly responsible for the deaths of eight people and the injuries to more than 200.

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Many Students Fail to Profit from For-Profit Colleges

According to the National Center for Educational Statistics, about 1.7 million people will receive their bachelor’s degrees, and another nearly 750,000 will receive associate’s degrees this May and June.

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Poverty Doesn’t Have to be a State of Mind

The racial differential in the poverty rate is staggering. Last time I checked, about 12 percent people in the United States, one in eight people are poor. Depending on race and ethnicity, however, poverty is differently experienced. Fewer than one in 10 Whites are poor; more than one in four African Americans and Latinos are poor.

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World is Indifferent to Missing Nigerian Girls

One could not help but be impressed by the millions that turned out in Paris to stand against the Islamist terrorists who killed workers at the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo and four others at a kosher grocery store. Two law enforcement officers were also killed, bringing the total to 17.

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