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Defeating the Odds

This month’s column is for those individuals throughout our society that have experienced significant challenges in their lives, and it seems that no matter what they have tried to pursue, success has been elusive.

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Take Close Look at all 2016 Presidential Candidates

As we look toward the 2016 Presidential Election and the current campaign season, there are a number of issues in the public domain, both current and the not so distant past, which deserve your reflection and consideration.

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“We Have the Ability to Improve our Standing in America!”

As I viewed what was happening in Baltimore on television, I asked myself, several questions; why did this happen, was this the correct strategy to obtain justice, can this happen again somewhere else in America, and why has not something similar occurred given all that blacks have had to endure.

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Where We Stand

On April 16, 2015 The African American Chamber of Commerce of New Jersey held its 2015 State of Black New Jersey Conference.

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Education “Still a Precious Asset”

I begin this month’s column with a rhetorical question: Is the education of African American Children in New Jersey, still important? I believe that the primary goal should be ensuring that all of New Jersey’s children receive the best education available.

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“Forging Ahead”

Black History month, has once again, come and gone. The shortest month in the year, is now a part of our recent history. However, what knowledge did you retain, and how will it be applied, as you forge ahead into a new year?

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What Will It Take?

In my column last month, I spoke about reflecting on the tumultuous past of black people in America and our collective transformation as people against insurmountable odds. Now that we have transitioned safely into 2015, what is your plan to improve your personal standing and the positioning of your family and/or business for a self-sufficient future? The late Bobby Womack wrote a song that posed the question, “Where Do We Go from Here?”

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Success Is In Your DNA!

As we approach the final days of the year, for many this becomes a time of reflection; the year 2014 is in the rearview mirror and you ask yourself, “Where has the year gone”?

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“Integrity Still Matters”

In this month’s column we will discuss how a democratic candidate distanced herself from President Obama during the recent election cycle, and then went on to lose the race.

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Are we finally connecting the dots?

This month’s column is about reflecting on past and current events as a means to developing an agenda that can be effectively implemented to improve the economic standing of African Americans in New Jersey and perhaps throughout the United States of America.

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