Black Women You Should Know

All too often, our “history” month turns into a tribute to the past. And while the past is an important place to lift up it is, indeed, a tributary, a stream that flows into the larger stream of an unbounded ...

“Something’s in the Wind”

For several months now I have been working with a number of representatives from groups that advocate on behalf of New Jersey’s 1.1 million African American residents.

Let’s Remember South Florida Mothers during Women’s History Month

As the father of a son lost to homicide, I want to express my deepest and heartfelt condolences in the horrific deaths of all who perished and those injured in the mass shooting at the high school in Parkland, Florida.

The demagogue in the White House

This month we celebrate black American history and in March we will celebrate women’s history month at a time when the president of the United States is seen by many as the worst U.S. president in the last 50 years ...

Is Trump the Worst President in the last 50 Years?

Donald Trump, a man best known as a “birther” with a reality TV show and a real estate empire, who claimed that Mexico was sending drugs and rapists to the United States, was sworn in as president on January 20, ...

Hundreds rallied for Meek Mill, but what about the rest?

Recently, hundreds of fans and supporters held a rally outside a Philadelphia courthouse, chanting for Robert Rihmeek Williams a.k.a. Meek Mill, to be released. The rapper was sentenced to two to four years in prison for violating his parole, stemming ...

History of Thanksgiving in the U.S. is a quest for unity

While Thanksgiving is clearly a celebration of gratitude for a bountiful harvest, its origin and history in the United States tell an unexpected tale of unity that is particularly relevant in in these divisive times.

Is the FBI’s New Focus on “Black Identity Extremists” the New COINTELPRO?

If you’ve been to a Black Lives Matter rally or tweeted the related hashtag recently, then the FBI might consider you a “Black Identity Extremist,” at least according to a report published by one of the nation’s top law enforcement ...

Randall Woodfin: A son of Birmingham becomes its mayor

The first line of Randall Woodfin’s official autobiography on his mayoral campaign website is: “I am a proud son of Birmingham.”

We need a values revolution in America

On Friday, October 13, Donald Trump went before the annual Values Voter Summit hosted by the Family Research Council and declared America “a country that never forgets that we are made, all of us, by the very same God in ...

An urgent call for more aid and fair treatment for Puerto Rico

A National Public Radio story this week described a visit to Escuela Gaspar Vila Mayans, a public elementary school in the Rio Piedras neighborhood of San Juan, Puerto Rico: “‘PRESENTE!!!’ about 40 kids shout on cue — they’re the ones ...

All out to two important October conferences

The dog days of summer are not behind us, and the September Equinox has brought us my favorite season.

The fight to protect voting rights continues #StayWoke

We all know the power of the vote. One person, one vote serves as the basic ethos and measurement of any democratic nation. Without true voter protection, integrity and universal access, America’s light on the hill dims.


Donald Trump’s presidential campaign slogan was “Making America Great Again,” but many of his words and actions are emboldening white supremacists and neo-Nazis who seek to make America hate again.

Staying on Message

Last month’s column was a small tribute to the 10th Anniversary of the African American Chamber of Commerce of New Jersey (AACCNJ).