Jobs, training, free tickets: Casino woos minority community

In a city where black residents have long felt excluded from the riches that Atlantic City's casinos generate, a new casino is making a massive effort to engage with the largely minority community in which it will operate.

8 lenders that aren't serving people of color for home loans

Across America, a troubling pattern emerges in data analyzed by Reveal from The Center for Investigative Reporting: Nearly two-thirds of mortgage lenders denied home loans for people of color at higher rates than for white people. But among the 6,600 ...

Will and Jaden Smith create eco-friendly water company: Just

Jaden Smith's environmental consciousness was born when he was out surfing at about age 10. He saw plastic water bottles bobbing in the ocean beside him, and he was so upset by it that he told his parents.

Kept out: How banks block people of color from homeownership

Fifty years after the federal Fair Housing Act banned racial discrimination in lending, African Americans and Latinos continue to be routinely denied conventional mortgage loans at rates far higher than their white counterparts.

From the past comes the gift of possibility

Dwelling on the past is considered something you should avoid if you are trying to get on with life.

AP Analysis: Trump's economic policy rooted in debt

One clear principle runs through President Donald Trump's emerging economic policy: Debt is good.

Newark among 20 cities for Amazon's second headquarters

New Jersey's largest city is in the running to become home to Amazon's second headquarters.

New Jersey promising billions to get Amazon headquarters

When it comes to the North American competition to attract Amazon's second headquarters, New Jersey has put its cards on the table: Officials have promised up to $7 billion in state and local tax credits.

Failed Atlantic City casino is sold, could reopen in months

Atlantic City's most spectacular casino flop is getting another chance under new ownership and a new name.

African-American unemployment hit record low in December

Years of steady hiring and economic growth have delivered a cumulative benefit for at least one group that hasn't always shared in America's prosperity.

The Importance of Diversity in Media Ownership

As the United States becomes increasingly diverse, the necessity for that diversity to be reflected in business becomes all the more important.

Things looking up for Atlantic City in 2018

The last traces of President Donald Trump's onetime casino empire could vanish. Someone may finally buy and reopen the former Revel casino. (Or maybe not.) The U.S. Supreme Court could legalize sports betting nationwide, drastically expanding the gambling industry.

The Year of the Complete –Self

I appreciate the feeling of a new beginning that is afforded to us at the advent of the New Year. It feels like an opportunity to put things right, start over, enhance, amend, regroup and recommit.

Senate passes bill to let some re-enroll in pension

The New Jersey Senate on Monday approved a bill to allow a handful of public officials to re-enroll in the pension system after being kicked off when elected to a new office.

Murphy names his pick to lead New Jersey's treasury

Democratic Gov.-elect Phil Murphy said Wednesday he is nominating a Democratic assemblywoman to be New Jersey's next treasurer.