Black Unemployment Rate Falls to 8.1 Percent

The Black unemployment rate improved from 8.6 percent in October to 8.1 percent in November, according to the latest jobs report from the Labor Department.

U.S. Senators Demand Study on Federal Advertising in Black-owned Media

Five U.S. Senators have joined the fight for accountability in the federal government’s advertising practices – or lack thereof — when it comes to minority-owned news outlets.

The Black Unemployment Rate Is Double What Whites Experience

Black workers lost ground last month, as the unemployment rate increased from 8.3 percent in September to 8.6 percent in October, according to the latest jobs report from the Labor Department.

Despite Incomes, Black Families Still Denied Access to Home Loans

In recent weeks, a spate of news coverage has referred to America’s “inner cities.” Some may even interpret it as a new code word for minorities, usually referring to Blacks and Latinos.

White Acceptance Will Never Lead to Wealth in the Black Community

Black folks in America have been so successfully programmed that many of us are still psychologically enslaved to the point that we truly believe we have “made it” when we have reached a certain financial plateau or when we have ...

CBC Members Join the Call for Payday Lending Reform

Within days of the October 7 deadline for public comment on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s proposed payday rule, 104 Members of Congress from 32 states, the District of Columbia and the Virgin Islands together called for strong consumer protections, ...

Why Black Americans Must Demand Equality in the Auto Industry

There are nearly 47 million Black Americans living in the United States that have diverse interests politically, economically, socially, and culturally. But no demand or interest is more important than equal justice and opportunity. Let me be crystal clear: There ...

Akwaaba means “first in black-owned B&Bs”

For Monique Greenwood, the decision to be an entrepreneur came down to legacy building.

Black dollars pour into black banks

Baltimore-based attorney Jelani Murrain plans to transfer his hard-earned money to an institution of financial empowerment: A black-owned bank.

The importance of self-management at work

It would probably not be difficult for many workers to recall an incident where they witnessed or may have been involved in some unfortunate form of inappropriate workplace behavior.

Number of Hispanic entrepreneurs under-reported, says Hispanic chamber president

It's no secret that there are thousands of Hispanic-owned entrepreneurs across the nation that own and run thriving and profitable businesses that contribute billions of dollars to the economy.

Consumers want action on illegal debt collection

If you are one of the 77 million Americans who are hounded each year by debt collectors, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is taking on this $13 billion industry. At a July 28 field hearing in Sacramento, Richard Cordray, ...

How to start a business

Are you brave enough to work for yourself? You may feel drawn to start your own business, but not sure how to get started.

African American women are taking care of business in New Jersey

Starting a small business can be a daunting and frustrating task, yet women, especially women of color, are starting small businesses faster than anyone else in the country, including right here in New Jersey.

Thousands of blacks have opened new accounts at black-owned bank

More Than 8,000 people have opened up new accounts at Citizens Trust Bank, according to officials at the black-owned bank in Atlanta.