Register to vote and encourage others to register

Irv Randolph | 3/31/2018, 6:38 a.m.
Many of us are angry about what we see coming from the White House and Congress.

Many of us are angry about what we see coming from the White House and Congress.

We’ve had enough chaotic government. We’ve had enough of divisive and hateful rhetoric.

We’ve had enough of seeing lawmakers abuse their power and misuse taxpayer’s money.

Irv Randolph

Irv Randolph

Some of us are anxious.

We worry about the future of health care and the workplace, the future of Social Security and other social safety net programs and what the future holds for our children and grandchildren.

But what are we going to doing about it?

We can’t resort to angry posts on social media, because simply complaining won’t change much.

Some have turned to peaceful protests.

The recent women’s march against gender inequality and the harassment of women in the workplace and last month’s global youth march against gun violence are hopeful signs.

However, we can do more than that because in a democracy we also have the power of the vote.

Voting can make a difference.

We saw the difference voter turnout made in recent elections in Alabama, western Pennsylvania and right here in New Jersey.

When we vote in large numbers we put elected officials on notice. We let them know that we are attentive and active and ready to hold them accountable.

That’s why in the coming days and weeks, South Jersey Journal will feature voter registration awareness in print, online and on social media to remind citizens to register to vote and to vote on Election Day.

If you want better schools, less gun violence, and more responsive and effective local and national government there is something you can do about it. Vote. But before you can vote you must be registered. If you or someone in your family, community or a group you belong to is not registered, please make a commitment and take action to get yourself and others registered.

This is no time for apathy. This is a time to transform your anger into action, and vote to remove elected officials from office who are not doing their jobs and elect or re-elect those who are honest, effective and serving the interest of their constituency.

Remember that May 15 is the voter registration deadline for the New Jersey Primary Election on June 5. For more information go to: www.njelections.org.

Irv Randolph is the editor and publisher of South Jersey Journal. You can follow him on Twitter @IrvRandolph.