Your vote is important

Irv Randolph | 10/28/2017, 11:12 a.m.
New Jersey voters will go to the polls November 7 to elect the next governor, replacing two-term Republican Governor Chris ...
Democrat Phil Murphy, and Republican Kim Guadagno.

New Jersey voters will go to the polls November 7 to elect the next governor, replacing two-term Republican Governor Chris Christie who will leave office in January.

Irv Randolph

Irv Randolph

Gubernatorial candidates Republican Kim Guadagno and Democrat Phil Murphy are the leading candidates in the race to replace Christie.

For much of his first term Christie was one of the most popular governors in New Jersey history.

Today, Christie is considered to be one of the most unpopular governors ever elected.

Christie's unpopularity doesn’t help Guadagno who has been his lieutenant governor for the past eight years.

This election is important to those who live in New Jersey and beyond.

The new governor will be one of the most powerful in the country since New Jersey’s constitution gives the governor some of the most far-reaching powers in the nation.

The headlines that emerge from the election results will be not only be about the political outcomes in New Jersey but also about possible outcomes in races in other states.

In an interview with Rutgers Today, a publication of Rutgers University, John Weingart, associate director at the Eagleton Institute of Politics and director of the Eagleton Center on the American Governor, points out the implications of the New Jersey governor's race.

"While the outcome of the election remains in the hands of the voters, at this point the widespread expectation is that Phil Murphy, the Democratic nominee, will be the winner. His strengths include having had a remarkably easy path to the nomination, being extremely well-financed and running in a largely Democratic state to succeed a two-term Republican. It seems unlikely that these factors will offer any particular lessons to Democrats in other states. If, however, Kim Guadagno, the Republican nominee, pulls off what would be considered a major upset, the results would reverberate nationally and be examined in minute detail. The ways in which the two governors begin their administrations, however, likely will be closely watched particularly to see how they cooperate or compete with the objectives and policies of President Trump."

This column is not intended to tell you who to vote for governor or who to choose in other races.

I do encourage you to vote.

If you haven't already done so you should go to the candidate's websites and research their platform, record and position on the issues and make an informed decision.

Irv Randolph is the editor, publisher and co-founder of South Jersey Journal. You can follow him on Twitter @IrvRandolph.