Richard Randolph | 10/28/2017, 11:15 a.m.
BY THE YEAR 2020 society will see the economic benefits of technology with perfect vision. The next decade will unleash ...
Richard Randolph

BY THE YEAR 2020 society will see the economic benefits of technology with perfect vision. The next decade will unleash an international movement that humankind has never experienced. Advanced Technology will accelerate the evolution of the entrepreneur. An incredible era is rapidly approaching, and it is imperative that you are ready, willing, and able to participate. This will be the time when more people obtain Financial Independence. This will be the time when more people discover the resources needed to build their own companies. This will be the time when more people who feel that they are overworked and underpaid, start making the transition to Self-employment. Technology will open doors for individuals of all backgrounds, and will gradually become an equalizer in the marketplace. Academic credentials, formal training, and years of experience are no longer requirements for earning a high income. Business owners will be able to generate revenue with unconventional methods, and the creative types will begin to strategically monetize their personal brands. Once we fully understand the potential of operating independently, seeking the approval and assistance of a third party will no longer be necessary. The so called Middle Man is an endangered species on the verge of extinction. The go-getters will attribute their level of success to the amount of time, money, and energy dedicated to mastering different forms of technology. In the next decade, an influx of millennials and generation Z will be unapologetically life-hacking their way to success by utilizing the right platforms. We will also witness the rise of the serial entrepreneur. The ability to run multiple companies simultaneously will become an increasingly popular concept. Furthermore, entrepreneurs will be younger, as well as more ambitious. Generation Y will inspire Generation Z to aim even higher. Before you know it, making six figures a year will be replaced by seven figures as the new status symbol. The world is full of thousandaires with million dollar ideas. Now tech is putting people in a position where they can turn those ideas into reality. Keep in mind that during this exciting wave of entrepreneurship, there will be a downside. Adaption to this new era will become mandatory considering how certain professions will be phased out by automated systems. Disruptive innovation will be an unstoppable force that the general public cannot avoid. Technology is changing the global economy at a fast pace, and has no intention on slowing down. I implore you to pay attention, and encourage you to take action. Educate yourself in advance so you are not caught off guard. Adopt the mindset of a Chess Player, and start thinking several steps ahead. Dedication to research will help you develop the capability necessary to move forward. Don’t get left behind.