Staying on Message

John E. Harmon, Sr., IOM | 7/16/2017, 8:59 a.m.
Last month’s column was a small tribute to the 10th Anniversary of the African American Chamber of Commerce of New ...
John E. Harmon, Sr

Lastly, we have two candidates running to be the next governor of New Jersey, and each of them have their platform of ideas in which they vow to implement if elected. Which leads me to the question, what are 1.1 million African Americans in New Jersey and the other African Americans across the United States going to do to keep President Trump on message to deliver on his Ten Point Plan?

Also, regarding the New Jersey gubernatorial candidates, I pose the following question to the readers of this column; have you read their platform(s)?

Okay, therefore, let’s focus on President Trump for now. I realize that there is a current investigation going on in Washington, D.C. however, are those whom represent the interest of African Americans on a sabbatical or just waiting for the dust to settle.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., wrote a book entitled “Why We Can’t Wait.” In New Jersey, African Americans have the highest levels of poverty and unemployment; two reasons to demand engagement to address this standing, and policies to positively impact these numbers. I know that seeking to engage President Trump on his campaign promise with his current preoccupation is a stretch; however, I believe, he is responsible for delivering since he made the declaration. I am not declaring that I am in agreement with the aforementioned pledge by President Trump; however, it is incumbent upon the African American community to expect and seek some level of accountability.

We must all find a way to keep those whom have taken an oath of service to citizens of New Jersey and the United States to “Stay on Message.”

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