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Tuesday, January 31

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Lawyers’ Committee Goes on Red Alert as Trump Rolls Back Civil Rights

President Donald Trump began his first term by attempting to roll back the civil rights gains that occurred under his predecessor, President Barack Obama.

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Emmett Till’s Accuser Admits It was All a Lie

More than six decades after the horrific, racially-motivated murder of Emmett Till, the White woman who accused the Chicago teenager of verbally and physically accosting her in Money, Miss., in 1955, has admitted she lied, according to a new book.

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‘Training Day’ debuts on CBS

“Training Day,” the film directed by Antoine Fuqua that earned Denzel Washington an Oscar for playing a rogue cop, is coming to CBS. The reimagined series, written by Will Beall, directed by Danny Cannon and executive produced by Fuqua, picks up15 years after the 2001 feature film and stars veteran actor Bill Paxton and newcomer Justin Cornwell.

Friday, January 27

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MLK’s Legacy for Black America in 2017

It is a providential time to reassess the meaning and challenges of Dr. King’s legacy for Black America in this year of profound change, anxiety, and hope.

Tuesday, January 24

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Elections have consequences

For a number of years as blacks endured hardship in the South, while pursuing a relentless quest for justice and equality by our black leadership during those times no one would fathom that, a relatively unknown senator from the state of Illinois born from the union of a Kenyan father and mid-western Caucasian women would craft a strategy to become the 44th president of the United States of America.

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A New Year presents us with new challenges

Happy New Year! Perhaps not too happy for persons of color in our country.

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Bobby Brown gives ‘New Edition Story’ thumbs up

Singer Bobby Brown said he was “amazed” after watching a preview of the first installment of BET’s highly-anticipated three-part series, “The New Edition Story.”

Monday, January 23

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Tax Tips for the Black Community

Tax season has officially begun and it’s time to find those deductibles and items that might help offset some of what you might have to pay the government by April 15.

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Begin Again

Work IT!

What a year 2016 proved to be. With the raw and contentious presidential campaign, the election and the results, many people are looking to the coming year to be filled with great changes.

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Booker, Watson Coleman unite against health care repeal

More than a thousand people attended a rally in Newark to protest against President Donald Trump's vow to repeal the Affordable Care Act—commonly called Obamacare---including New Jersey political heavyweights, Cory Booker, Robert Menendez and Bonnie Watson Coleman.

Saturday, January 21

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Lifetime announces King of Pop biopic

After outcry from the Jackson family on its controversial casting, the “Urban Myths” episode based on Michael Jackson has been scrapped.

Saturday, January 14

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In the age of Trump, New Jersey activists speak out on the state of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s dream of justice and equality

It's been nearly 50 years since one of the most powerful and pervasive voices in history—particularly for African Americans--was suddenly silenced by an assassin's bullet.

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Jasmine Guy returns to college on BET

It’s “A Different World” for actress Jasmine Guy. The actress, who starred in the 1990’s “Cosby Show” spinoff that brought the lives of students at the fictional Historical Black College and University (HBCU) Hillman to the masses, returns to campus in BET’s “The Quad.”

Wednesday, January 11

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President Obama’s Farewell Address to the American People

It’s good to be home. My fellow Americans, Michelle and I have been so touched by all the well-wishes we’ve received over the past few weeks.

Tuesday, January 10

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Healthy Eating for a Healthy Weight

A healthy lifestyle involves many choices. Among them, choosing a balanced diet or healthy eating plan. So how do you choose a healthy eating plan? Let's begin by defining what a healthy eating plan is.

Monday, January 9

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Christie signs bill to assists small businesses

Governor Chris Christie signed into law that establishes the "Small Business Bonding Readiness Assistance Program" to assist small businesses in meeting State or federal contract surety bond requirements. This will be a revolving fund that will be administered by the New Jersey.

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Newark mayor announces decrease in major crimes

Officials in Newark announced major crimes throughout the city experienced the most significant drop in crime in nearly 50 years---due, at least in part to community policing, vigilance and the deployment of dozens of state troopers last January to Newark to combat crime.

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Cory Booker promotes Affordable Care Act

Senator encourages New Jerseyans to sign up by the end of January

In an effort to promote and perhaps save President Obama's universal health care coverage legacy—Obama Care, Sen Cory Booker recently joined forces with U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Burwell to urge New Jersey residents to sign up for insurance under the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

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Are you getting enough sleep?

How you feel and perform during the day is related to how much sleep you get the night before. If sleepiness interferes with your daily activities, more sleep each night will improve the quality of your waking hours.

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To my fellow Americans

President Obama’s letter to the American people on the progress we’ve made together

As we look back on the past eight years, President Barack Obama writes an Exit Memo on the progress made, his vision for the country’s future, and the work that remains in order to achieve that vision.

Tuesday, January 3

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Things to do in South Jersey and region

The following list is a guide to cultural and community events in South Jersey and region. Items for the calendar should be sent at least three weeks in advance to editor@southjerseyjournal.com. Information should be sent in a Word document format.

Monday, January 2

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Improve your health through physical activity

How much physical activity do adults need?

Physical activity is anything that gets your body moving. According to the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans, you need to do two types of physical activity each week to improve your health–aerobic and muscle-strengthening.

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‘Being Mary Jane’ returns with new cast in new city

Despite the off-screen drama between “Being Mary Jane’s” star Gabrielle Union and the show’s network (she is suing BET for $3 million for breach of contract), the show must go on. And this time, the series is taking its show on the road.

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Obama made America better

As President-elect Donald Trump prepares to take office now is a good time to remember and appreciate the legacy left by President Barack Obama.

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Three tips to help you succeed in the New Year

I propose three things to do in the New Year that will help you create success in all areas of your life.