Casino Controversies in Atlantic city

One after another, more and more people are coming forward to becoming victims by online casino and gambling scams. Keep in mind that the perpetrators here are some of the well-known casinos in New Jersey.

To keep you safe from these illegal online activities, here are some important reminders to keep an eye on. Keep in mind, these illegal online casinos are tarnishing the casino industry’s reputation and standard Atlantic City built for many years.

Those are not legit skin care online stores

casino controversiesin online store - Casino Controversies in Atlantic city

There have been instances not only in Atlantic City but all over the globe of illegal online gambling disguising their online platforms as skin care providers.

That’s right, instead of selling moisturizers and lotions, these sites are hubs for illegal gambling entertaining people from all over the globe and making big money out of their expense.

These criminal masterminds even go the extra mile to create a fake skincare line to really hide their tracks.

These sites first appear as an online store but explore further, then you are greeted by online casino games, players with thousands of dollars and more illegal stuff. This controversy is not limited to Atlantic City or New Jersey.

Are you aware that in some countries, accessing online casinos based in the United States is prohibited out of fear of illegal activities and scams? But so far, there are no laws prohibiting people in the U.S. to place bets on online casinos based offshore.

Jackpot Errors

One of the biggest tricks in the casino book. A slot patron spending hour after hour and dollar after dollar waiting for that grand jackpot and when those number 7s align, he or she is informed that the jackpot was nothing but an error.

There are many cases like this in Atlantic City. This is how this usually goes. When a slot player hits the jackpot, he or she is then informed that the win was a technical glitch by the slot resulting in the automatic jackpot.

The casino would then offer a consolation prize, probably a couple of dollars and a steak dinner.

That is exactly what happened to Katrina Bookman. She won the jackpot of over $40 million dollars and she even posted a selfie on social media. After a while, she was informed that it was an error and in return, she was offered $2.25 and a steak dinner.

Many people find these so-called errors or excuses ridiculous and that they are just a front to keep the casinos from giving big payouts.

These issues are not the only ones to keep an eye on as there are more mostly targeting cyber gambling and online currency exchange. Casino organizations are putting their thinking caps on to find a way to put an end to these illegal platforms and bring back casinos to its glory days.

There are already restrictions and rules passed down by the US government when it comes to gambling. States are free to regulate or prohibit gambling within their borders. But that will not stop criminals from pushing their agendas and what makes it harder is their network is moving online and they are using cloud-based technology to camouflage their criminal activities.

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