Kerry Washington debuts trailer for ‘Confirmation’

Shonda McClain | 2/15/2016, 9:17 a.m.
Kerry Washington tweeted out the trailer to her highly anticipated HBO docudrama “Confirmation” on Friday.
Kerry Washington as Anita Hill.

Kerry Washington tweeted out the trailer to her highly anticipated HBO docudrama “Confirmation” on Friday.

The “Scandal” star plays Anita Hill, who, in 1991, famously accused her boss, Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas, played by Wendell Pierce, of sexual harassment.

Thomas was nominated by President George H. W. Bush to succeed retiring Associate Justice Thurgood Marshall, the first African-American Justice appointed to the Supreme Court. Thomas’ confirmation was all but assured until a private interview Hill had with the FBI was leaked to the press.

Hill was called before Congress and grilled during a televised hearing about her allegations against Thomas, her supervisor at the U.S. Department of Education and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. She testified that Thomas systematically harassed her for two years, asking her out on dates several times and that he made numerous, inappropriate sexual references.

"He spoke about...such matters as women having sex with animals and films showing group sex or rape scenes,” Hill testified.

Even though she passed a polygraph test, Hill’s credibility was called into question because of the 10 year delay between Thomas’ alleged behavior and her accusations and the fact that she followed him to a second job.

Thomas was eventually confirmed, becoming the second African American to sit on the nation’s highest court.

Washington told Variety she was “terrified” to play Anita Hill.

“Portraying somebody who's real is a different kind of responsibility, especially when they're alive," she said. "That significance was not lost on me both as an actor and as a producer, wanting all of these characters to feel real and to matter as much as these people do."

“Confirmation,” which airs April 16, is directed by Rick Famuyiwa (“Dope”) and features Jeffrey Wright, Greg Kinnear and Jennifer Hudson.

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