Post-election: We must be vigilant

Irv Randolph | 12/10/2016, 8:34 a.m.
The American people wanted change.
Donald Trump

As attorney general, Sessions would be responsible for upholding and enforcing civil rights laws.

President elect Trump’s personnel appointments are a good time to remember the words of Maya Angelou when she said, “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.”

Either Trump is ignorant about the danger theses men represent or he does not care. Either way they should be vigorously opposed.

The mainstream media, seeking access to power and ratings, will mainly go along with the incoming Trump administration. Those who don’t go along he will seek to intimidate.

In response, those who support civil rights and civil liberties must take the following actions in the incoming Trump era.

Call, write and lobby lawmakers in Congress to reject Trump’s Cabinet appointments, nominations for federal judgeship and to the Supreme Court and proposed legislation that goes against core American values, civil rights and civil liberties or that seek to erase hard-fought social gains such as Social Security and Medicare. Bright red lines must be drawn. Americans must speak out against Trump when he makes appointments or policies that attempt to normalize and promote racism and extremists.

Join and support the NAACP, ACLU and other groups fighting for civil rights and civil liberties. There is strength in numbers.

Support self-help groups and churches active in the community that are trying to make a difference. The real challenge in American politics may not be racist policies but simply indifference. The problems of poor education, broken families and crime, if they are going to be solved, they’ll be solved by those closes to them - the family and the church.

Keep the faith: No matter what, we must remain faithful and believe in the righteousness of our struggle for justice and equality. Trump lost the popular vote but won the Electoral College mainly because millions of eligible voters did not bother to vote. Like many Americans I wanted a different choice on Election Day, but I voted for Clinton because I thought Trump was unfit to be president.

Elections have consequences and we will soon see the consequence of having one party rule of all three branches of government. We must work now for 2018. Push both major political parties now for better candidates, support new people seeking office or run yourself for local office.

Trump promised that he will bring so many new jobs to the inner cities that African Americans will overwhelming vote to re-elect him. Time will tell if this, like so many of his promises are real goals or one big con. If Trump runs the government with non-racist policies and brings peace and prosperity, that is good for all Americans. But if he runs the government in the same divisive way he ran his campaign, then all people of good conscious must prepared to resist. We must be vigilant.

Irv Randolph is the Editor and Publisher of South Jersey Journal. You can reach him on Twitter @IrvRandolph.