The Casino Industry Effect at Stockton University in Atlantic City

Back in 1971, Stockton University shared their building with the Atlantic City hotel and casino. The top two floors of the building were for guests to check in while the other rooms underneath were classrooms.

After decades, the university opened its new campus that stands on the iconic Atlantic City Boardwalk.

Stockton University New Campus Fortified

In September 2018, the prominent Stockton University opened the doors of its new campus to hundreds of students. The massive structure is a three-story building with more than 500-bed dorms and an ocean view.

Back in 2018 the university lost out on a deal to purchase the former Atlantic Club casino for its new campus.

the casino industry teacher - The Casino Industry Effect at Stockton University in Atlantic City

It would have been the deal of a lifetime not only for the university and its board but for hundreds of students in the state of New Jersey. The deal fell through when the university wanted to transform the casino and hotel buildings.

Now, these are old structures but the deal just wouldn’t pull through given that Atlantic City’s main attraction is the casino business.

But after much work, the university still managed to buy the land and on it, build the new Stockton University.

Hundreds of Learning Opportunities

Many people thought that the university surrounded by casinos would not last. But today, the campus accommodates more than 500 students to be added to the over 8,000 students in the main campus in Galloway.

Stockholm alumnus Frank Gilliam said in an interview that even he and other people hoping for the expansion of the university were starting to accept the fact that it will never happen because “for so long the city’s image was dominated by gaming.”

Thank God, they were wrong because after only a few months of opening the new campus, there are more than 500 new students and the university is expecting that number to triple in the next coming year.

The presence of the casino industry did not stop the university from giving quality education to its students.

There are still no immediate plans if Stockton University will expand its territory further. For now, the entire University is focused on providing the best academic programs they can to students.

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