Important Reminders: The Children Kidnapping Horror in Atlantic City

There are more than 50 unsolved child kidnapping cases in New Jersey. Unfortunately, and deeply heartbreaking, other cases have surfaced connected to kidnapping and human trafficking.

The community, the local government and the police sector are working hand in hand to put an end to child kidnapping in Atlantic City. Here are important reminders to eliminate this serious threat once and for all.

Loan Sharks/Kidnappers

Atlantic City as a casino haven is also home to many of the most ruthless loan sharks of New Jersey. There has been casino-related kidnapping orchestrated by loan sharks. The worst part, instead of targeting the people who owe them money, these criminals are going after their children.

Always be on high alert of any suspicious activity or individuals inside hotels, resorts and casinos.

Beware of Syndicates

There have been cases all over Atlantic City especially in casinos wherein human traffickers are scouting young kids all over to kidnap and push into prostitution. Some notable methods by these criminals are the offer of free food that is dosed with drugs.

In the first quarter of 2019, three women were kidnapped and thrown into prostitution against their own will. These tragedies still haunt thousands of people in the state especially parents and guardians.

Watch Out for Moonlighters

Another serious threat being looked at is the activeness of people posing as security guards or private guards for people during the night. In fact, these people are actually kidnappers targeting young kids.

If you are ever to request for security guards, it is best to get in touch with the police department and follow the right process. Never ever hire people you found on the internet that will attend to your request instantaneously.

The protection of kids should always be a top priority in Atlantic City. That is why the community, local government, private organizations, the police sector and even the casino industry are working together for stronger initiatives to keep the young ones from the threat of kidnapping. Stay safe out there and always be vigilant.

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