Celebrating the African Community in Atlantic City

Atlantic City is no stranger when it comes to racism. Many of these incidents took place in casinos. For most reports, African-Americans are denied or harassed at casinos by workers, businessmen and other guests.

The casino industry is taking quite the blow from civic organizations to implement better rules to stop racism in Atlantic City.

For many years, people of color felt alienated not because of discriminators but also by immoral laws that promoted segregation. One good example is redlining wherein the state color-coded areas in New Jersey from lowest to highest standards.

The areas with the red and yellow markings were considered the lowest of the low and they were heavily populated by African Americans and other people of color. But despite that line and all lines crossed, people are starting to heal.

More and more people and organizations are asking for more events to celebrate the African-American community.

Top casinos like Hard Rock, Tropicana, Golden Nugget, Caesars and more are furthering the cause of equality and they are playing their role in this amazing mission. Here are some ideas brought forward on how to pay tribute to these amazing people.

Black History Movie Marathon

african community old camera - Celebrating the African Community in Atlantic City

Many of the locals and the students all over New Jersey are partnering up with movie cinemas and centers to host a movie marathon playing movies that recognize the contributions of African-Americans to the country.

For example, the biographical drama film “42” about the story of legendary baseball player Jackie Robinson. Jackie was the first ever African-American man to play in the Major Leagues for the Brooklyn Dodgers. That opened doors for other African-American players to play as well.

Another great film would be the 2000 American sports drama “Remember the Titans” starring Denzel Washington and “The Color Purple” starring Oprah Winfrey about one of the world’s greatest authors and activists Alice Walker.

In February 2019, there was a screening at the Atlantic City Residential Building B119 –B120 for the             breakthrough film “BlacKkKlansman.” This movie was inspired by renowned police officer Ron Stallworth when he fought against the Ku Klux Klan in Colorado Springs back in the 1970s.

Art Exhibits Honoring the African-American community today, yesterday and tomorrow

african community old photo - Celebrating the African Community in Atlantic City

One of the most visited destinations in New Jersey is the African American Heritage Museum in Southern New Jersey right at Atlantic City. This museum shelters thousands of treasures belonging to African Americans. The main highlights of the museum are the Atlantic County Soldiers’ memorabilia way back from the first world war.

Right now, this is the only African-American museum in New Jersey and that is why it has been a hot accommodation place for appreciation events not only for the African-Americans but for other people from different ethnicities as well.

There are still no updates if there will be other museums to be established in Atlantic City honoring the culture, life and art of the African-American community.

Race Equality Seminars

There are talks about hosting seminars or dialogues for the people of New Jersey about the importance and value of racial equality.

Most of these seminars target the youth as many people want the younger generation to have a just and compassionate perspective about the racial stigma that has scared the country for hundreds of years.

There are calls from the people for Stockton University to host these events as one of the biggest learning institutes in New Jersey. These events will focus on how to stop racism by sharing the painful truth of what this immorality resulted in.

In the coming years, many people are hoping for these ideas to turn into reality. Keep your eyes peeled for more updates about this particular topic and other issues as well.

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