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Monday, December 30

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Grandmaster Flash

There are lots of stories about the birth of jazz and the beginning of rock n’ roll, but hip-hop has founding fathers: one of them is DJ Grandmaster Flash. In the early 70’s Joseph Saddler was living in the South Bronx and studying electrical engineering.

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Louis Gossett Jr

Born May 27, 1936 in Brooklyn, NY, Lou has a flair for projecting quiet authority and has scored well personally in a string of diverse and occasionally challenging roles. The aspiring actor caught a break at his first Broadway audition for “Take A Giant Step” (1953), where, beating out 400 other candidates, the then 16-year-old landed the lead.

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Beverly Johnson

The first African American supermodel on the cover of American Vogue was Ms. Beverly Johnson. Beverly was attending college Northeastern University in Boston, MA when she tried her hand at modeling.

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Why All Black People Should Visit Africa

I was 23 years old when I took my first trip to Africa, and if you ask me my trip occurred a little too late. It should have happened as soon as I developed comprehension and understanding. It should have happened before the “African booty scratcher” jokes became funny to me, and before Africa became the dark continent in my mind. However, thank goodness it happened. After visiting the beautiful country of Zambia on two different occasions, I’m convinced that every Black person should visit Africa at least once. It will change your entire life. It most definitely changed mine.

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Is It Necessary To Celebrate Black History Month?

We don’t have a White history month, so why is there a Black history month? Is It Necessary to celebrate Black History Month? Read on...

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A New Era in Beauty for Black Women

This new era of beauty among Black women celebrates the mind. It celebrates our beautiful spirits, our beautiful struggles, and our beautiful hopes.

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Why We Need Another Civil Rights Movement

As a child I would often watch old clips of the Civil Rights Movement and desperately wish I could have participated. The focus and eloquence of Dr. King inspired me. The courage of the children challenged me, and the unity of Black people was something I’d yet to witness in my generation. My soul longed for the days when Black people didn’t sit around and hope for change, but actually fought for it to happen.

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Your "blackness" starts with YOU

Knowing and understanding what being black enough means to your self-preservation.

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Extend Emergency Unemployment Insurance Benefits Now!

Millions of Americans who have been struggling the longest to find work in our slowly recovering economy are now facing deep uncertainty and despair instead of a Happy New Year.

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Will Denzel Washington play villain or hero in Superman sequel?

Rumors are swirling that Denzel Washington is on the short list of actors to play super baddy Lex Luthor in the upcoming sequel to “Man of Steel” titled “Man of Steel 2: Superman vs. Batman.”

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Jameis Winston is the youngest to win Heisman

At 19 years and 342 days old, Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston became the youngest Heisman Trophy winner when he was recently named college football's most outstanding player in New York.

Friday, December 27

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Pope Francis Joins Calls to End Economic Inequality

Throughout history, the eradication of poverty has been a professed goal of most progressive-minded political and religious leaders.

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12 Health Tips to Light Up Your Holidays

Brighten the holidays by making your health and safety a priority.

Monday, December 23

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Dwayne Wade and Grabrielle Union are engaged

Christmas came early for actress Gabrielle Union.

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Obama commutes sentences for 8 in Crack Cocaine Cases

President Obama has ordered an early release from prison for Clarence Aaron, who has spent twenty years there, hoping for mercy.

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A Christmas Prayer: O God of All Children

As millions of Christians around the world prepare to celebrate Christmas and their belief that God entered human history as a poor tiny baby, let us remember all the poor babies and children who struggle to live and realize their God given potential in our own rich land and all around the world today.

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Student Loan Bill of Rights

In the aftermath of a recent report that found the lack of student loan servicing standards and information on monies owed, two U.S. Senators will work as a team to create a Student Loan Borrower Bill of Rights.

Living in Balance with Grace

As I reflect upon this year as it comes to a close, I cannot help but ponder what the days ahead may bring forth in the New Year.

Thursday, December 19

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President Barack Obama

His story is the American story — values from the heartland, a middle-class upbringing in a strong family, hard work and education as the means of getting ahead, and the conviction that a life so blessed should be lived in service to others.

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Navy Names First 4-Star Female Admiral

President Obama has nominated Vice Admiral Michelle Howard for a fourth star, becoming the first woman in Navy history to attain the rank of full admiral assuming Senate approval, according to Time magazine.

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Senators Menendez, Booker Announce More Than $1.5 Million for Highway Safety

U.S. Senators Robert Menendez (D-NJ) and Cory Booker (D-NJ) recently announced that the U.S. Department of Transportation's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has awarded $1,568,292 to the New Jersey Division of Highway Traffic Safety.

Tuesday, December 17

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Sanya Richards-Ross

4x Olympic Gold Medalist, Entrepreneur, Reality Show Star

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Hank Willis Thomas

Hank Willis Thomas, a prominent photo conceptual artist, grew up surrounded by art and culture.

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Marcus Stroud

A self-proclaimed “country boy” from South Georgia, NFL veteran and philanthropist Marcus Stroud remains humble and grateful for his experiences during and after the NFL. Marcus was the 13th overall pick in the 2001 draft and played for 10 years in the NFL for teams such as the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Buffalo Bills.

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Black Girls RUN!

Black Girls RUN! was created in 2009 by Toni Carey and Ashley Hicks in an effort to tackle the growing obesity epidemic in the African-American community and provide encouragement and resources to both new and veteran runners.

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Baratunde Thurston

Co-Founder & CEO of Cultivated Wit, Author, Comedian

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Cheryl Contee

Co-founder of Jack and Jill Politics, CEO at Fission Strategy, Co-Founder of Attentive.ly, 2010 Most Influential Women in Tech

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Stefanie Brown James

Growing up in the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio, Stefanie Brown James knew that a career in government affairs and civil rights was the path for her. She started to get involved in civil rights when she joined the Cleveland Youth Council of National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP).

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Shawne Merriman

From the gridiron to the boardroom, Shawne Merriman proves that there is life after playing professional football. Growing up in a rough and tumble neighborhood in Maryland, Shawne avoided the negativity and managed to channel his energy into something positive.

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Allen West

Former Congressman, retired Army Lieutenant Colonel, Author

Monday, December 16

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The Obamacare Deadline No One Is Talking About

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services announced on Dec. 11 that nearly 365,000 Americans had signed up for private health insurance under Obamacare.

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Regulators Crack Down on Payday Lenders

Just in time for the holiday season, three federal regulators have taken two separate actions against payday lending.

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One Year Later: Sandy Hook School Shooting

In the year since six-year-old Ben Wheeler was murdered by a gun in his classroom at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut along with nineteen other first graders and six teachers, more than 30,000 other Americans have been killed by a gun—30,000 more families now drowning in the same grief.

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Beyonce releases new CD, surprises fans

Beyonce has been a busy little Bey.

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How Mandela used sports to unite a nation

It's often said that sports and politics should never mix. But every now and then, comes a time where the two come together for the better and make an impact on the world.

Sunday, December 15

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December BUZZ

The Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall comedy “Coming to America” is celebrating its 25th anniversary.

Thursday, December 12

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Jay Z leads Grammy nominations with 9

Music mogul Jay Z has a lot to celebrate – a birthday, a new healthy lifestyle and nine Grammy nominations.

Tuesday, December 10

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President Obama speaks at Memorial Service for Mandela

President Obama speaks at a Memorial Service for Nelson Mandela in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Monday, December 9

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The Wildwoods Host Holiday Events

The Wildwoods are offering families an escape from the hustle and bustle of the season with shopping, hotel deals and many free holiday events.

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Study: Racial Wealth Gap Growing

Although most Sunday school children are warned against the “love of money,” by adulthood it is the lack of it that becomes the source of many problems.

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Bishop David G. Evans: We have been lulled to sleep

The pastor of Bethany Baptist Church in Lindenwold, NJ, talks about the need for men to step up in today’s challenging times and launching a nationwide neighborhood improvement agenda.

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Supporting our cultural and educational institutions

I recently had the pleasure of being a guest and honoree at the 30th anniversary celebration of the Unity Community Center, an organization that has been training young people in Camden in martial arts, African drum and dance and jazz for over three decades.

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Shaquille O’Neal Seeks to Make Big Impact in NJ

The former NBA All-Star is everywhere in the Garden State - from Boys and Girls Club in Camden to building residential housing in his hometown in Newark.

Help others reach their full potential


We are undeniably the most valuable resources on earth. Our ability to work, think, plan and create is the reason we can make the most use of other resources.

Sunday, December 8

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Pregnant? Get a Flu Shot!

If you're pregnant, a flu shot is your best protection against serious illness from the flu.

Cold and Cough Medicines: Information for Parents

It's winter, and parents may be tempted to reach for over-the-counter medicines to ease their child's sniffling and coughs.

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Holiday Toy Tips from an Education Professor

The sheer number of toys and stores and websites give shoppers looking for kids' presents bountiful options, but according to education Prof. Roberta Golinkoff of the University of Delaware, not all toys are created equal.

Friday, December 6

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World mourns the death of Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela, the anti-apartheid leader who became South Africa's first black president, was regarded as one of the great figures of the past century.

Thursday, December 5

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President Obama remarks on the death of Nelson Mandela

President Barack Obama reflects on the life of Nelson Mandela.

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Preventable Hunger In Our Land of Plenty

While many American families gathered around the Thanksgiving table, some of us combining this year’s traditional dinners with Hanukkah feasts, a too quiet group was left out of the national celebration.

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Taraji P. Henson’s next chapter

So, what is next for actress Taraji P. Henson?

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Be Prepared to Stay Safe and Healthy in Winter

Although winter comes as no surprise, many of us are not ready for its arrival. If you are prepared for the hazards of winter, you will be more likely to stay safe and healthy when temperatures start to fall.

Wednesday, December 4

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Detroit Becomes Largest U.S. City To Enter Bankruptcy

Detroit has become the largest American city ever to qualify for bankruptcy protection.

Monday, December 2

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Our Relevance in a Diversified State

The African American Chamber of Commerce of New Jersey, Inc. (AACCNJ) was established in June 2007 with a mission to promote African American businesses, implement programming to strengthen communities whose predominate population is African American through a strategic alliance with the government, corporate, and community sectors throughout New Jersey.

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Eagles QB Michael Vick takes the high road

Nick Foles, in his second season, has replaced Michael Vick, who re-injured his hamstring in a loss to the New York Giants on Oct. 27.

Sunday, December 1

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A stellar year for Forest Whitaker

Oscar winning actor Forest Whitaker is on a roll and starring in his second major film this year – “Black Nativity.”

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Life Insurance Agent: A Sound Career Choice, Even in a Recession

The economic recession has forced many companies, especially those in the financial services sector, to trim their ranks.

Five Ways Parents Can Teach Their Kids Financial Literacy

Financial literacy is more important than ever. In the last five years, words such as loan default, foreclosure and recession have become as common as savings, bank statements and assets.