South Jersey Journal – the timeless news provider you need is situated at the Garden State of the United States of America, New Jersey. We aim to keep people informed in the present and give value and integrity to the past.

The Brain Behind the Journal

about typing 250x300 - AboutThe man who started it all, Darius Ponce wanted to do his part for the community of Jersey by keeping everyone in the loop of the most important news and happenings in the garden state.

South Jersey Journal is centered in New Jersey but was actually founded in the Big Apple, New York City.  The first office of the South Jersey Journal was located at 719 Park Ave, Rochester, New York.

But Ponce saw New Jersey as a state in need of a trusted media provider and that’s how it all started. It was Ponce’s calling to enter the world of media and provide casino news with credibility to earn readers’ trust.

After starting small and covering a couple of local news and events, Ponce and his team were introduced to the casino industry or domain in the great Atlantic City.

Casino, gambling and the entire network of Atlantic City is one of the biggest topics we focus on in this Journal as it is full of both controversies and developments. Casino and hotel management are also the biggest industries of New Jersey mainly in terms of tourism.

But there is more than meets the eye when it comes to America’s AC or its playground.

South Jersey Journal is a collaboration of journalists, writers and analysts well versed in various fields of study and topics. We also encourage others to contribute by writing for us.

Ponce always envisioned South Jersey Journal to be an integral part of the Jersey community when it comes to information and its distribution. That is why it is important to always get insights, ideas and opinions from people outside the journal.

The South Jersey Journal

We want people to be informed with the right information no matter how hard it is to absorb. It is our mission to make sure people of New Jersey and other neighboring states are equipped with trusted information that may or may not impact their lives either for good or bad.

We are well aware of the impact of information no matter how it is delivered to people so as much as possible we want to cushion that blow but it’s not always going to be pretty. Just a little hint, our work about Atlantic City and the big casino industry in New Jersey is not always that glamorous.

Up to these days, there are still many news that surprise even us. Talk to us today for more information about our site.

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