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Casino Controversies in Atlantic city


One after another, more and more people are coming forward to becoming victims by online casino and gambling scams. Keep in mind that the perpetrators here …

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Important Reminders: The Children Kidnapping Horror in Atlantic City


There are more than 50 unsolved child kidnapping cases in New Jersey. Unfortunately, and deeply heartbreaking, other cases have surfaced connected to kidnapping and human trafficking. …

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Celebrating the African Community in Atlantic City


Atlantic City is no stranger when it comes to racism. Many of these incidents took place in casinos. For most reports, African-Americans are denied or harassed …

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Casino Controversies in Atlantic city

One after another, more and more people are coming forward to becoming victims by online casino and gambling scams. Keep in mind that the perpetrators here are some of the well-known casinos in New Jersey.

To keep you safe from these illegal online activities, here are some important reminders to keep an eye on. Keep in mind, these illegal online casinos are tarnishing the casino industry’s reputation and standard Atlantic City built for many years.

Those are not legit skin care online stores

casino controversiesin online store - Casino Controversies in Atlantic city

There have been instances not only in Atlantic City but all over the globe of illegal online gambling disguising their online platforms as skin care providers.

That’s right, instead of selling moisturizers and lotions, these sites are hubs for illegal gambling entertaining people from all over the globe and making big money out of their expense.

These criminal masterminds even go the extra mile to create a fake skincare line to really hide their tracks.

These sites first appear as an online store but explore further, then you are greeted by online casino games, players with thousands of dollars and more illegal stuff. This controversy is not limited to Atlantic City or New Jersey.

Are you aware that in some countries, accessing online casinos based in the United States is prohibited out of fear of illegal activities and scams? But so far, there are no laws prohibiting people in the U.S. to place bets on online casinos based offshore.

Jackpot Errors

One of the biggest tricks in the casino book. A slot patron spending hour after hour and dollar after dollar waiting for that grand jackpot and when those number 7s align, he or she is informed that the jackpot was nothing but an error.

There are many cases like this in Atlantic City. This is how this usually goes. When a slot player hits the jackpot, he or she is then informed that the win was a technical glitch by the slot resulting in the automatic jackpot.

The casino would then offer a consolation prize, probably a couple of dollars and a steak dinner.

That is exactly what happened to Katrina Bookman. She won the jackpot of over $40 million dollars and she even posted a selfie on social media. After a while, she was informed that it was an error and in return, she was offered $2.25 and a steak dinner.

Many people find these so-called errors or excuses ridiculous and that they are just a front to keep the casinos from giving big payouts.

These issues are not the only ones to keep an eye on as there are more mostly targeting cyber gambling and online currency exchange. Casino organizations are putting their thinking caps on to find a way to put an end to these illegal platforms and bring back casinos to its glory days.

There are already restrictions and rules passed down by the US government when it comes to gambling. States are free to regulate or prohibit gambling within their borders. But that will not stop criminals from pushing their agendas and what makes it harder is their network is moving online and they are using cloud-based technology to camouflage their criminal activities.

Important Reminders: The Children Kidnapping Horror in Atlantic City

There are more than 50 unsolved child kidnapping cases in New Jersey. Unfortunately, and deeply heartbreaking, other cases have surfaced connected to kidnapping and human trafficking.

The community, the local government and the police sector are working hand in hand to put an end to child kidnapping in Atlantic City. Here are important reminders to eliminate this serious threat once and for all.

Loan Sharks/Kidnappers

Atlantic City as a casino haven is also home to many of the most ruthless loan sharks of New Jersey. There has been casino-related kidnapping orchestrated by loan sharks. The worst part, instead of targeting the people who owe them money, these criminals are going after their children.

Always be on high alert of any suspicious activity or individuals inside hotels, resorts and casinos.

Beware of Syndicates

There have been cases all over Atlantic City especially in casinos wherein human traffickers are scouting young kids all over to kidnap and push into prostitution. Some notable methods by these criminals are the offer of free food that is dosed with drugs.

In the first quarter of 2019, three women were kidnapped and thrown into prostitution against their own will. These tragedies still haunt thousands of people in the state especially parents and guardians.

Watch Out for Moonlighters

Another serious threat being looked at is the activeness of people posing as security guards or private guards for people during the night. In fact, these people are actually kidnappers targeting young kids.

If you are ever to request for security guards, it is best to get in touch with the police department and follow the right process. Never ever hire people you found on the internet that will attend to your request instantaneously.

The protection of kids should always be a top priority in Atlantic City. That is why the community, local government, private organizations, the police sector and even the casino industry are working together for stronger initiatives to keep the young ones from the threat of kidnapping. Stay safe out there and always be vigilant.

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Celebrating the African Community in Atlantic City

Atlantic City is no stranger when it comes to racism. Many of these incidents took place in casinos. For most reports, African-Americans are denied or harassed at casinos by workers, businessmen and other guests.

The casino industry is taking quite the blow from civic organizations to implement better rules to stop racism in Atlantic City.

For many years, people of color felt alienated not because of discriminators but also by immoral laws that promoted segregation. One good example is redlining wherein the state color-coded areas in New Jersey from lowest to highest standards.

The areas with the red and yellow markings were considered the lowest of the low and they were heavily populated by African Americans and other people of color. But despite that line and all lines crossed, people are starting to heal.

More and more people and organizations are asking for more events to celebrate the African-American community.

Top casinos like Hard Rock, Tropicana, Golden Nugget, Caesars and more are furthering the cause of equality and they are playing their role in this amazing mission. Here are some ideas brought forward on how to pay tribute to these amazing people.

Black History Movie Marathon

african community old camera - Celebrating the African Community in Atlantic City

Many of the locals and the students all over New Jersey are partnering up with movie cinemas and centers to host a movie marathon playing movies that recognize the contributions of African-Americans to the country.

For example, the biographical drama film “42” about the story of legendary baseball player Jackie Robinson. Jackie was the first ever African-American man to play in the Major Leagues for the Brooklyn Dodgers. That opened doors for other African-American players to play as well.

Another great film would be the 2000 American sports drama “Remember the Titans” starring Denzel Washington and “The Color Purple” starring Oprah Winfrey about one of the world’s greatest authors and activists Alice Walker.

In February 2019, there was a screening at the Atlantic City Residential Building B119 –B120 for the             breakthrough film “BlacKkKlansman.” This movie was inspired by renowned police officer Ron Stallworth when he fought against the Ku Klux Klan in Colorado Springs back in the 1970s.

Art Exhibits Honoring the African-American community today, yesterday and tomorrow

african community old photo - Celebrating the African Community in Atlantic City

One of the most visited destinations in New Jersey is the African American Heritage Museum in Southern New Jersey right at Atlantic City. This museum shelters thousands of treasures belonging to African Americans. The main highlights of the museum are the Atlantic County Soldiers’ memorabilia way back from the first world war.

Right now, this is the only African-American museum in New Jersey and that is why it has been a hot accommodation place for appreciation events not only for the African-Americans but for other people from different ethnicities as well.

There are still no updates if there will be other museums to be established in Atlantic City honoring the culture, life and art of the African-American community.

Race Equality Seminars

There are talks about hosting seminars or dialogues for the people of New Jersey about the importance and value of racial equality.

Most of these seminars target the youth as many people want the younger generation to have a just and compassionate perspective about the racial stigma that has scared the country for hundreds of years.

There are calls from the people for Stockton University to host these events as one of the biggest learning institutes in New Jersey. These events will focus on how to stop racism by sharing the painful truth of what this immorality resulted in.

In the coming years, many people are hoping for these ideas to turn into reality. Keep your eyes peeled for more updates about this particular topic and other issues as well.

Casinos Civil Rights Violations that Rocked Atlantic City

Just like most cities in the United States, Atlantic City in the Garden State suffered horrible and eye-opening civil rights violations.

Most of these incidents involve the police department of New Jersey and instead of protecting the people, they’re the ones doing the damage. Some crimes took place in the top casinos in the city.

Wheaten’s Bite

Back in June 2013, police officer Sterling Wheaten participated in an arrest that would land him in jail after 5 years. While on duty, a man was arrested near the Tropicana Hotel and Wheaten was called to the scene by his fellow policemen.

Wheaten arrived at the scene and without warning, he unleashed an attack K9 to bite the arrested man’s neck and then the former punched the man twice.

In his report, Wheaten said he attacked the man out of fear that he would grab a weapon and attack him. He also said he performed first aid to the man before the ambulance arrived.

In October 2018, the District Attorney of New Jersey looked at the case and investigated Wheaten’s alleged civil rights violations and falsifying records.

Malice in Harrah’s Casino

Harrah’s Casino was one of the biggest casino destinations in all of New Jersey back in the days, until today. But in 2013, the casino was caught in a controversy.

Attorneys Paul D’Amato and Michael Maggiano petitioned a criminal investigation about Harrah’s Casino’s beatings perpetrated by security guards.

In this story, two men Robert Coney and Sean Oaks were brutally beaten down resulting in near death experiences by completely unprovoked security guards at the casino. Coney was struck in the head with a metal baton that cracked his skull.

Oaks, on the other hand, was relentlessly beaten resulting in shattered ribs and a serious concussion after he was put down and kicked again and again.

After the beating Oaks was put in handcuffs and to his recollection, he remembers one of the security personnel suggesting to his colleagues that they break his arms if the cuffs don’t fit.

That case then shed light on other “sadistic” crimes committed by other Harrah’s security guards inAtlantic City. These violations involving security guards tormented not only patrons of Atlantic City but workers as well.

In a different surveillance video, two cab drivers were forcefully detained by security guards. The attorneys then brought the string of cases forward to the New Jersey State General and to the U.S. Attorney General.

Police harassment and brutality is not the only epidemic in Atlantic City. There are also many cases of racism and discrimination. There have been many cases of casinos, hotels and other businesses denying service to African American people that are mostly influenced by racism.

Many organizations are now pushing forward to better laws to protect locals and visitors of Atlantic City and New Jersey. Better law enforcement engagement is also being called out to promote peace of mind not fear when the police are around.

South Jersey Journal is dedicated to bringing these issues forward to inform people that this is not ok.

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The Casino Industry Effect at Stockton University in Atlantic City

Back in 1971, Stockton University shared their building with the Atlantic City hotel and casino. The top two floors of the building were for guests to check in while the other rooms underneath were classrooms.

After decades, the university opened its new campus that stands on the iconic Atlantic City Boardwalk.

Stockton University New Campus Fortified

In September 2018, the prominent Stockton University opened the doors of its new campus to hundreds of students. The massive structure is a three-story building with more than 500-bed dorms and an ocean view.

Back in 2018 the university lost out on a deal to purchase the former Atlantic Club casino for its new campus.

the casino industry teacher - The Casino Industry Effect at Stockton University in Atlantic City

It would have been the deal of a lifetime not only for the university and its board but for hundreds of students in the state of New Jersey. The deal fell through when the university wanted to transform the casino and hotel buildings.

Now, these are old structures but the deal just wouldn’t pull through given that Atlantic City’s main attraction is the casino business.

But after much work, the university still managed to buy the land and on it, build the new Stockton University.

Hundreds of Learning Opportunities

Many people thought that the university surrounded by casinos would not last. But today, the campus accommodates more than 500 students to be added to the over 8,000 students in the main campus in Galloway.

Stockholm alumnus Frank Gilliam said in an interview that even he and other people hoping for the expansion of the university were starting to accept the fact that it will never happen because “for so long the city’s image was dominated by gaming.”

Thank God, they were wrong because after only a few months of opening the new campus, there are more than 500 new students and the university is expecting that number to triple in the next coming year.

The presence of the casino industry did not stop the university from giving quality education to its students.

There are still no immediate plans if Stockton University will expand its territory further. For now, the entire University is focused on providing the best academic programs they can to students.

3 Ideas to Integrate Parks and Casinos in Atlantic City

More and more people are driving and even flying to New Jersey to experience the garden state. There are too many places to visit in Atlantic City. Other than the Boardwalk, the Steel Pier, the Absecon Lighthouse and other attractions, Atlantic City’s parks are now among the topmost visited destinations in the state.

Visitors or tourists are asking for more and most of their demands has something to do with casino games. Some people, especially adults are asking for kid-friendly slots in parks or in casinos for kids to play with.

That way, the adults can enjoy Atlantic City for what it really is and at the same time bring the kids with them.

Here are some of the topmost pushed out park revitalization ideas for the parks of Atlantic City.

Slots for Kids

parks and casinos slots - 3 Ideas to Integrate Parks and Casinos in Atlantic City

That’s right, many of the locals and tourists are asking private companies, casinos and organizations to set up slots for children at the most visited parks in Atlantic City like Altman Playground, Brigantine Beach and AC Waterfront Sculpture Walk.

It’s hard to really get your head wrapped around this idea but there are already many sponsors willing to go through with it. Also, there are a number of kid-friendly casino games like online slots. These slots are inspired by characters or themes that are well received by the youth.

Miniature Casinos

parks and casinos casino chips - 3 Ideas to Integrate Parks and Casinos in Atlantic City

There’s mini golf so why can’t there be a miniature casino for young people. There are so many casino games for kids like Beat the Dealer, Giant Dice Games, Homemade Bingo, Go Fish and more.

With this idea, kids are required to pay an entrance fee and they can go crazy with all the casino games. It will also give them a chance to socialize with other kids. This will surely take the trip to the park experience to a whole new level.

Clean Up Drive Sponsored by Casinos

parks and casinos cleaning - 3 Ideas to Integrate Parks and Casinos in Atlantic City

This idea is coming from the locals, but they are urging the big casinos to fund massive clean-up drives all over the state starting at parks. They believe a revitalization process for the entire state can start from cleaning the most visited parks in Atlantic City.

That’s why there is now a call to action towards casinos to take part and create a reward-based system for all contributors. That reward will, of course, take place at their casinos.

It’s time the casinos in New Jersey played a bigger role in enriching the community not only of Atlantic City but the entire state.